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BACP is proud to introduce our brand new Projector Floor Track System

Welcome to the Cyber-Home of BACP 

Bay Area Cinema Products is both a manufacturer of Cinema Products and Accessories and a full-line Sound and Projection equipment dealer,  specializing in equipping industry screening rooms.

Bay Area Cinema Products also manufactures a line of products that range from Audio Installation accessories to turn-key sound systems that include components from Dolbyİ Laboratories, QSCİ Audio and USLİ, Inc.

Our hottest product is a line of third generation RED LED Analog Soundtrack Readers for most of the world's 35mm Projectors. These Readers not only improve the audio quality of existing 35 mm sound tracks but also prepare the industry's screens for 35 mm prints with Cyan dye soundtracks.

Introducing the DSTR-20 . A new, more economical Penthouse Reader -- completely pre-aligned and ready to install. Our Digital Reader is designed to read Dolbyİ Digital Soundtracks with better performance than current Basement Readers.

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