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Model DSTR-20 Digital Soundtrack Reader Pricing

(Effective September 15, 2005)
Model DSTR-20 Digital Soundtrack Reader List Price
DSTR-20 All Versions $2,360.00
Spare Modules
RSLH-2 LED/Heatsink Module $265.00
CA-50 50 Foot Video Cable $170.00
DSTR-OGR Bypass Roller $55.00

We are proud to announce that effective June 1, 2002, we passed all Dolby performance tests and are entitled to display the Dolby Logo on our reader.

Model RSTR-2000 Soundtrack Reader Pricing

(Effective March 1, 2003)

BACP produces a series of third generation, full feature, Red LED soundtrack readers. The RSTR-2000 readers offer extended LED life and higher audio performance than previous generation readers. This higher performance along with a number of packaging refinements, make for easier installation and service. We now offer readers for Norelco-Philips DP70/AA11, Bauer U3/U4, Kinoton DP75, FP20, and Cinemeccanica V4/V10 and Prevost P93/P55 projectors.
Model RSTR-2000 LED Soundtrack Reader List Price
RSTR-2000KS Simplex (all versions) $895.00
RSTR-2000KC Century (all versions) $895.00
RSTR-2000KL Ballantyne $895.00
RSTR-2000KR RCA 9030/9050 $895.00
RSTR-2000KB Christie (all versions)* $895.00
RSTR-2000KB-D Christie (with sound drum)* $1,125.00
RSTR-2000KI Cinemeccanica V5/V8 $1,125.00
RSTR-2000KI-4  Cinemeccanica V4 $1,295.00
RSTR-2000KI-10 Cinemeccanica V10 $1,295.00
RSTR-2000KA  Norelco-Philips DP70, FP7/56  $1,125.00
RSTR-2000KK Kinoton FP20/30/40/23/25 $895.00
RSTR-2000KP  Kinoton DP75/EL4075 $895.00
RSTR-2000KW  Bauer U3/U4 $895.00
RSTR-2000KQ Prevost P93 $1,125.00
RSTR-2000KQ-2 Prevost P55 $1,125.00
Spare Modules
RSRA-2 16.5 MM Reader Assembly with RSPS-2 Electronics Module $608.00
RSRA-2B 12.1 MM Reader Assembly with RSPS-2 Electronics Module $608.00
RSPS-2 Electronics module $390.00
RSLH-2 LED/heat sink module $265.00
RSLH-3 LED/heat sink module (Cinemeccanica) $275.00
WW-9V2 DC power module 110VAC $39.00
WW-9V3 DC power module 220VAC $39.00
*Older Christie projectors with a slotted drum must be fitted with new style sound drum, available from BACP or Christie. BACP also offers a Christie reader with sound drum included, for your convenience.

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