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The Next Generation Digital Reader


Download our latest DSTR-20 hand-out (PDF format)


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The BACP DSTR-20 is a new, more economical Penthouse Reader - completely pre-aligned and ready to install. The unit is designed to read Dolby© Digital Soundtracks with better performance than current Basement Readers.

BACP/USL introduces a lower cost “penthouse” Digital Soundtrack Reader entirely compatible with the Dolby DA20, CP500 and CP650 Processors. The DSTR-20 Digital Reader offers a number of advancements that include longer LED life and a lower basic error rate. It's performance is equal to the Dolby Cat. No. 702 and is superior to all existing basement-style Digital Readers. Power for the CCD electronics and Red LED is provided from the Dolby© processor so there is no need to provide 110 or 220 Volt power to the reader.

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It attaches directly to Christie, Century, Simplex, Ballantyne and Cinemeccanica projectors. Installation is very quick and easy, typically 30 minutes or less. The LED module is changeable with only a screwdriver although our experience with the RSTR-2000 Analog Reader indicates the LEDs will last at least 5 years before a change is needed.

There is also a Video Status light that glows green with adequate video level. It will glow red indicating a need for service. The service procedure may be as simple as cleaning the imaging lens, but in any case signals there is a need for attention.

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