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Track System Installations
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BACP Projector Track Systems

BACP is proud to introduce a floor track system that allows projectors, film or video, to be moved into projection position during use and then be moved out of the way when finished. Projecting dead center to the screen is deemed particularly important with Digital Cinema projectors as keystone-correcting provisions are thought to waste valuable resolution and light. There are also many applications where there is simply not enough room for all projectors to be kept at the ready, simultaneously.

We build single and double-axis track systems that allow movement across the floor as dictated by the specific situation. We’ve also used our track system on sound racks for applications where space is at an absolute premium.

These systems are made semi-custom, as no two booths are exactly alike. The image gallery links to the left are from a few of our recent projects.

Our track installs over any floor and works particularly well on uneven concrete floors. Our system is kept very simple with no frills but built very rugged for long and trouble free use.


Technical Details

The track systems consist of a track bed and a guide and are kept very low profile so booth personnel can go about their duties without tripping or stubbing a toe. The projector platform, aluminum plate with two roller carrier assemblies underneath, straddles the low-profile track guide. A system of stops is provided to ensure the projector stops at the same position every time. One style stop is a clamp that is attached to the guide, another is a rod and holder that drops into a hole drilled into the guide once the final position is determined.



Tracks are laid down and attached to the floor with a minimum of screws. The platform, with projector, is rolled back and forth to determine if it rolls freely along the length of track without binding. Once this is verified, the track can be permanently attached. The projector is aimed at the screen by the usual trial and error method. Once this is done the projector can be attached to the platform with common bolts of the customers choosing. Stops can then be installed as needed.



Single-axis systems with one projector platform and track start around $1,800.

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